Clothing - Screenprinting & Embroidery

  • Screen Printing:
    We are known around Townsville and North Queensland for quality screen printing. Our in-house printing department ensures full quality control throughout your order. And we pride ourselves on taking extra care with each job.
  • Embroidery:
    Now with the addition of an in-house embroidery department, we are able to embroid your corporate, club or school logo onto all types of garments. Embroidery is great for small runs and you can have up to 15 colours in your design. It is also great for individual names or initials.
  • Quality corporate uniforms:
    We can arrange the supply of quality polos, work wear, caps and bags and much more, or you can supply your own and we'll embroid them.
  • For the tough stuff:
    Work wear and safety gear is available. Most of these garments have an SPF rating of 50+ and comply with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4602:1999) to meet your Workplace Health and Safety needs
  • Apparel:
    Check out these websites for the latest products available from Complete TAG Solutions.

Our Trusted Clothing Suppliers

Before you drop into see us, take the time browse through our supplier's selection of clothing or view our sample range in our showroom.

We highly recommend the Corporate Apparel from the Biz Collection Shirts and Separates range. It covers a range of stylish and classy shirts, skirts, dresses and trousers to dress for success!

And for the tradie, The Syzmik Streetworx range of workwear. Made with new workwear technology, arc armour: the new arc flash and fire resistant clothing. As well as Rugged Cooling: The heat stress management range that increases breathability by over 110%, while also increasing tear strength.

Biz Collection

Selling Fashionable Clothes from Business to Schools to Health to Sports.

JB's Wear

Industry-leading workwear that meets and exceeds all Australian standards.

Winning Spirit

Selling High End Fashionable Clothes for Business and Sports.

Ramo Clothing

We are a blank clothing supplier that emphasizes on being different.

Bisley Workwear

Shaping the Australian workwear clothing industry for nearly 60 years.

Be Seen

Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing garments - design, testing and servicing of an extensive range for every need.

Head Wear

Selling Hats of all Sizes, styles and colour.


Supplier with more than 19 years’ Experience in manufacturing garments for Australian business.


Protection taken to the next level with additional taping to make the human shape more recognisable   from a greater distance

A few terms you may not know...

Pantone Matching System (PMS) Reproduction

Companies will spend a fortune on design guides and graphic artist advice. PMS reproduction and logo replication is a science. Have design guide flexibility and before you sign off on the next logo redesign, ask a promotional product professional how it will translate to embroidery, laser engraving and any other forms of decoration you will need on your future promotional products. 

The Pantone Colour Matching System is largely a standardized colour reproduction system. By standardising the colours, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colours match without direct contact with one another. Our factory is using Pantone Matching System, which we call a PMS number. 

A view of the PMS Colour chart is available at This is just a guide to assist your colour selection, the monitor display may vary. 

Art Preparations - EPS Vector Files

An EPS vector file is imperative for all promotional product companies. In layman terms, that is a logo that can be enlarged and reduced without losing clarity. Get a graphic artist to provide you with an EPS vector version of your logo and the blurry prints and illegible text will be a thing of the past. 


Embroidery is not as cost effective as screenprinting when a large amount of the shirt needs to be covered, as pricing for embroidery is calculated by the stitch count of the logo and the hooped positions. 

Customers should be aware that it is not a perfect art and you cannot reproduce a logo with the same quality as a print on paper, it is remarkable how many think it may be possible with stitches. The finer the detail and the smaller the logo, the harder it is to achieve optimal quality. Solid colours produce the best results. 

Digitizing is the conversion of artwork into a series of commands to be read by an embroidery machine’s computer. Embroidery cannot be performed without it. 

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